The Hostel

Icono de Peregrino durmiendo
The Room

La Habitación

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The Bathrooms

El Cuarto de Baño

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The Kitchen

La Cocina

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The Dinning Room

El Comedor

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The Living Room

La Sala de Estar

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The Details

Los Detalles


The Room

We have a shared mixed room. It is a spacious room with natural lighting and ventilation.
Free and secure WiFi connection with privacy control between users.
Automatic control on and off of general lights to create a light intensity that favors rest.
Heating and automated forced ventilation system that regulates the amount of CO2 present in the room to avoid overloaded environments. .

Calefacción en Albergue Corredoiras
Control lumínico en ALbergue Corredoiras
Light control
Ventilación Forzada
Forced ventilation
Ventilación Forzada
Free and secure WiFi


Very solid beds in wooden bunks.
Beds of 1.90 x 90 cm. 26 cm visco latex mattresses with springs.
Very firm stairs to the upper beds.

Enchufe en el Albergue Corredoiras


Individual curtain to preserve your privacy.
Storage basket and mask hook.

Light and plug that work at will of the guest.

Sábanas y Toallas

Bed Lingerie

Cloth sheets, blanket and towel included in the price. Washing  in the professional laundry with antibacterial and antiCOVID cleaning.

Taquillas cerradas con llave


Individual locker locked to store your belongings for free.
A plug inside to charge your device safely.

Ventana y Calefacción - Window and Heating - Albergue Corredoiras
Taquillas cerradas - Lockers closed - Albergue Corredoiras
Silencio por favor - Silence please - Albergue Corredoiras
Literas - Bunk beds - Albergue Corredoiras
Cama con cortina, luz y enchufe - Bed with curtain, light and plug
Cama con cesto, luz y enchufe - Bed with basket, light and plugg
Estante - Shelf - Albergue Corredoiras
Taquillas grandes - Large lockers - Albergue Corredoiras
Literas - Bunk beds - Albergue Corredoiras
Taquillas con enchufe y llave - Lockers with plug and key
Cama con cortina cerrada - Bed with closed curtain

To rest and sleep well before the last stage to Santiago

And Also

Servicio de Lavandería


High season, if give us the clothes before 5:00 p.m. we wash and dry for free.
Low season the service has a cost of €4.

Armario para botas

Boot Wardrobe

Boot closet located outside the room to avoid bad odors, with ventilation to refresh footwear and free to use


First Aid kit

Complete kit for the treatment of the most common wounds.
Ice packs to reduce inflammation resulting from exertion.


Night signaling

Luminescent signs and notices on floors and doors that guide in the dark towards the exit, reducing the risk of accidents.


The Bathrooms

Two complete closed bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet, one of them adapted for disabled people.
In addition, two sinks, toilets and showers with individual cabins with space to change.
Forced ventilation system and exterior aeration. Light control by motion sensors.
Use of renewable energies for water heating and aeration (aerothermal).

Baño adaptado para discapacitados
Adapted Bathroom
Control lumínico en ALbergue Corredoiras
Light control
Ventilación Forzada
Forced ventilation
Energías Renovables
Renewable Energy
Duchas con grifos termostáticos - Showers with thermostatic taps
Hair and hand dryers - Albergue Corredoiras
Cuarto de Baño en el Albergue Corredoiras
Cabinas de duchas - Shower cabins - Albergue Corredoiras
Baño para discapacitados - Disabled bathroom - Albergue Corredoiras

What's better than a good hot shower after a hike?

Pileta con espejos - Mirror washbasin - Albergue Corredoiras
Ducha para discapacitados - Disabled shower
Boot Dryer - Albergue Corredoiras

And Also

Secadores y espejos


Hair and hand dryer. Boot dryer for rainy days.
Magnifying mirror for makeup or shaving.

Dosificadores de jabón

Gel and Shampoo

Gel and shampoo dispenser in all showers.
Hand soap dispenser in all sinks.

Grifos termostáticos

Thermostatic taps

Faucets with temperature control in all showers.
Hot water guaranteed without waiting between guests.

Limpieza extrema

Continuous cleaning

Continuous cleaning cycles by our staff throughout reception hours.


The Kitchen

Our kitchen is equipped with everything you need. With the ceramic hob you can cook or heat whatever you want.
We have a complete set of pots and pans to be able to make any type of food.
The dishwasher allows you to quickly collect and clean the kitchen and in the fridge you can keep your food or your drink fresh.

Placa Vitrocerámica
Ceramic Hob
Menaje de cocina completo
Lavavajillas en el Albergue Corredoiras
Loza y microondas - Crockery and microwave - Albergue Corredoiras
Cocina - Kitchen - Albergue Corredoiras
Menaje en la cocina - Kitchenware in the kitchen
Loza - Crockery - Albergue Corredoiras

Do you dare to cook some Herbón Peppers? We give you the recipe

And Also

Electrodomésticos en el Albergue Corredoiras


In addition to the ceramic hob, dishwasher and fridge there are two microwaves, toaster, kettle and coffee makers.

Cubertería y accesorios


In the kitchen you will find varied cutlery and accessories so that you do not miss anything for to eat or cook food.

Vajilla, loza, tazas y vasos


Vajilla y la loza con suficientes piezas para que todos los huéspedes puedan utilizarlas al mismo tiempo.

Aceite, vinagre, sal y especias


En la cocina podrás usar aceite de oliva y vinagre para los aliños, también tendrás sal y especias variadas.


The Dinning Room

Our dinning room is comfortable, very cheerful and functional.
Throughout the day you will have at your disposal, free of charge: fresh water and milk in the fridge. Also coffee, tea, chamomile, mint, linden, cocoa and sugar so you can relax after a hard walk.
Free WiFi is also available in our dining room.
The hours of use are until 11:00 p.m., from that time and until 6:00 a.m. the kitchen does not work to avoid noise and facilitate rest.


Agua fresca y leche
fresh water and milk
WiFi gratis y segura
Free and secure WiFi
Café, té y más
Coffee, tea and more
Control horario para evitar ruidos
Noise control
El PEREGRINO de Alfonso Blanco en Albergue Corredoiras

You will be in good company with our PILGRIM by the Padrón artist Alfonso Blanco

Detalle del comedor - Dinning room
Comedor - Dinning room - Albergue Corredoiras
Cafe te y mas - Coffee tea and more - Albergue Corredoiras
Padrón en Albergue Corredoiras


The Livingroom 

In our livingroom you can relax, watch television or chat with other guests. There are board games and painting pads to have a good time.
We have two computers with a free Internet connection at your disposal that are configured to navigate safely since they do not store any private data of the users.
In our small library you will enjoy a variety of books on Padrón, Galicia and El Camino. Those of Rosalía de Castro, the most universal Galician poet, stand out, available in different languages ​​thanks to Casa de Rosalía

Televisión en el Albergue Corredoiras
Ciber del Albergue Corredoiras
Free Cyber
Juegos en el Albergue Corredoiras
Games and Paintings
Biblioteca del Albergue Corredoiras
Recepción - Reception - Albergue Corredoiras
Juegos - Games - Albergue Corredoiras
Sala de Estar - Livingroom - Albergue Corredoiras
Detalle Sala - Living room - Albergue Corredoiras
Mapa de Peregrinos- Pilgrims Map

We have a table football in honor of the Galician who invented it: Alexandre de Fisterra

Televisión - TV - Albergue Corredoiras
Rincón - Corner - Albergue Corredoiras
Rincón - Corner - Albergue Corredoiras

And Also

Costurero en el Albergue Corredoiras

sewing box

In our sewing box you will find scissors, needle and thread among others to mend clothes (or puncture the annoying blisters)

Impresion de las tarjetas de embarque

Documents printing

We print your boarding pass for free and if you need any more documents we print it from only € 0.15 per sheet.

Libro de visitas del Albergue Corredoiras

Guest Book

In it you can write us what you want. Your opinion is very important to us!
The book helps us remember all the travelers who passed through our hostel. For us it is a treasure.

Mapa en el Albergue Corredoiras

Traveler Map

Travelers from all areas of Spain and from more than 65 different countries have already passed through our hostel, as you can see on our map.


The Details

Our hostel is designed for walkers or pilgrims who follow the Camino de Santiago. Everything is designed to make the stay of a person who comes walking with a backpack more comfortable.
You will always be greeted by people, not machines. At the reception, our staff will check-in, explain the rules and help you with whatever you need.
We have tourist information on Padrón, Galicia and the Camino and local meteorological information.
In our store you will find the items that a traveler needs.

Baño adaptado para discapacitados

From 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the reception is open.
Outside these hours it is not possible to check-in, except in exceptional cases, since our staff has the right to rest. Ask us!

Baño adaptado para discapacitados
Card payment

You will be able to arrive, pay with a card and settle in, without having to go looking for an ATM. You can also make the reservation online in advance to come with peace of mind.
You can also make the Reservation Online in advance to come with peace of mind


tourist information

In the street map that we give you, you will see that Padrón is a small town with all services: doctors, pharmacy, restaurants and shops a few steps from our hostel.
The old town, the cultural and monumental heritage and our gastronomy deserve that you know them.
The Padrón Tourist Office will be happy to help you and you can take some of their guided tours.

Información Meterológica

Weather Information

In Galicia, although it does not rain as much as they say, the weather is very changeable. We give you updated local meteorological information so that you know what you are going to find when you go out for a walk and at your stage to Santiago the next day.
We will also inform you of nearby places where you can cool off on hot days. 



We collaborate with two local businesses, Arañeira and Estornela which supply us with the necessities for travelers: knee pads, hats, rain ponchos, chargers, batteries, stick caps, souvenirs, canteens, flashlights, masks, T-shirts …
The store hours are the same as the reception hours: from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Paragüas - Umbrella - Albergue Corredoiras
Información Meteo - Weather information
Ecoalbergue - EcoHostel
Artistas locales - Local artists - Albergue Corredoiras
Información turística - Tourist information
Ciclistas - Cyclists - Albergue Corredoiras
Tienda - Shop - Albergue Corredoiras

At Albergue Corredoiras we have everything prepared, only you are missing!

Recogida de mochilas - Backpacks reception
Planos - Maps- Albergue Corredoiras
Bastones - Sticks - Albergue Corredoiras

And Also

Armario para botas

Cane box

We have a box for walking sticks that you can use for the duration of your stay


Paragüas de cortesía

Even if it rains you can take a walk with one of our courtesy umbrellas.



If you come by bicycle, we can keep it under lock in a safe place.



If you arrive outside of laundry hours, you can put your clothes to dry in a small clothesline

Servicio de Lavandería

Collection and shipment of backpacks

If you send your backpack or luggage through a specialized company on the Camino, when you arrive, you will find it at your locker



At Albergue Corredoiras we do NOT collect other people’s backpacks, ONLY those of our guests, so it is very important that the backpacks come in the name of the reservation holder.

albergue corredoiras

In the Way!

Just 3 minutes walk from the town center and in the Way of Saint James itself.